# Readme

## Description

A block-based content editor, with support for static html generation, in phoenix live view.

> #### Disclaimer {: .warning}
> **This library is still heavily in development.**
> Things will break and at least initially, they
> will not maintain backwards compatibility. In fact, the final, release-worthy version may never
> see the light of day.
> Use it at your own risk!

Currently supports the following blocks:

- a generic content-editable wrapped which can output any of:
  `<p>`, `<h1>`, `<h2>`, `<h3>`, `<ul>`, `<pre>`, `<blockquote>`
- a very badly styled table
- a code block with synthax highlighting for elixir only

## Installation and Usage

Add it to your dependencies in `mix.exs`:

deps: [
  # ...
  {:philtre, "~> 0.11.0"}
  # ...

Include the styles somewhere in your application, for example, from `app.js`:

import 'philtre/dist/index.css';

Or from `app.css`:

@import 'philtre/dist/index.css';

Import and add the necessary hooks to your live view application

import * as philtreHooks from 'philtre/src/hooks';

const liveSocket = new LiveSocket('/live', Socket, {
  hooks: { ...philtreHooks, ...yourHooks },

Render the page component inside one of your live views

def mount(%{}, _session, socket) do
  {:ok, assign(socket, %{editor:})}

def render(assigns) do
  <button phx-click="save">Save</button>

def handle_event("save", %{}, socket) do
  json = Philtre.Editor.serialize(socket.assigns.json)
  # Save the json however you please
  # Load into editor using Philtre.Editor.normalize/1
  {:noreply, socket}

def handle_info({:update, %Philtre.Editor{} = editor}, socket) do
  {:noreply, assign(socket, :editor, editor)}

## Developing using Playground

Playground is a locally setup, minimal phoenix application which loads the editor files using local paths, so they are always kept up to date and are even being watched by esbuild.

THis means it allows for live-reload development of hte library.

To start it, run `mix playground`

Note that editor pages are saved as files under `playground\priv\documents` so you should probably periodically clean them.