defmodule Mix.Tasks.Phx.Digest do
  use Mix.Task
  @default_input_path "priv/static"

  @shortdoc "Digests and compresses static files"
  @recursive true

  @moduledoc """
  Digests and compresses static files.

      $ mix phx.digest
      $ mix phx.digest priv/static -o /www/public

  The first argument is the path where the static files are located. The
  `-o` option indicates the path that will be used to save the digested and
  compressed files.

  If no path is given, it will use `priv/static` as the input and output path.

  The output folder will contain:

    * the original file
    * the file compressed with gzip
    * a file containing the original file name and its digest
    * a compressed file containing the file name and its digest
    * a cache manifest file

  Example of generated files:

    * app.js
    * app.js.gz
    * app-eb0a5b9302e8d32828d8a73f137cc8f0.js
    * app-eb0a5b9302e8d32828d8a73f137cc8f0.js.gz
    * cache_manifest.json

  You can use `mix phx.digest.clean` to prune stale versions of the assets.
  If you want to remove all produced files, run `mix phx.digest.clean --all`.

  ## vsn

  It is possible to digest the stylesheet asset references without the query
  string "?vsn=d" with the option `--no-vsn`.

  @default_opts [vsn: true]

  @doc false
  def run(all_args) do "compile", all_args
    {opts, args, _} = OptionParser.parse(all_args, switches: [output: :string, vsn: :boolean], aliases: [o: :output])
    input_path = List.first(args) || @default_input_path
    output_path = opts[:output] || input_path
    with_vsn? = Keyword.merge(@default_opts, opts)[:vsn] "deps.loadpaths", all_args
    {:ok, _} = Application.ensure_all_started(:phoenix)

    case Phoenix.Digester.compile(input_path, output_path, with_vsn?) do
      :ok ->
        # We need to call build structure so everything we have
        # generated into priv is copied to _build in case we have
        # build_embedded set to true. In case it's not true,
        # build structure is mostly a no-op, so we are fine.
        Mix.Project.build_structure() [:green, "Check your digested files at #{inspect output_path}"]
      {:error, :invalid_path} -> "The input path #{inspect input_path} does not exist"