# Pigpiox

Pigpiox is a wrapper around pigpiod for the Raspberry Pi. For all of pigpio's features, check out its [documentation](

# Requirements

To use Pigpiox, pigpiod must be included in your firmware. Currently, this is included by default on `nerves_system_rpi0`, but not on other Pi systems.

If you'd like to use Pigpiox on one of those systems, customize the nerves system you're interested in, and add `BR2_PACKAGE_PIGPIO=y` to its `nerves_defconfig`.

# Installation

In your firmware's `mix.exs`, add `pigpiox` to your deps for your system target:

def deps(target) do
  [ system(target),
    {:pigpiox, "~> 0.1"}

# Usage

Usage instructions available on [hexdocs]( In particular, look at the `Pigpiox.GPIO` module.