# Plaid

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Elixir library for Plaid's V2 API.

Supported Plaid products:
- [x] Transactions
- [ ] Auth
- [ ] Identity
- [x] Balance
- [ ] Income
- [ ] Assets

[Plaid Documentation](

## Usage

Add to your dependencies in `mix.exs`.

def deps do
  [{:plaid, "~> 1.0"}]

## Configuration

All calls to Plaid require either your client id and secret, or public key. Add the
following configuration to your project to set the values.

config :plaid,
  root_uri: ""
  client_id: "your_client_id",
  secret: "your_secret",
  public_key: "your_public_key",
  httpoison_options: [timeout: 10_000, recv_timeout: 30_000]

By default, `root_uri` is set by `mix` environment. You can override it in your config.
- `dev` -
- `prod`-

Finally, you can pass in custom configuration for [HTTPoison]( It's recommended you
extend the receive timeout for Plaid, especially for retrieving historical transactions.

## Tests and Style

This library uses [bypass]( to simulate HTTP responses from Plaid.