A Plug that adds fprof tracing to a web app.

### Usage

Add to your dependencies in `mix.exs`:

  defp deps do
    [{:plug_fprof, "~> 0.0.1"}]

Then `use` it from within your plug/pheonix router:

defmodule MyRouter do
  use Plug.Router
  use PlugFprof


FProf will write it's tracing data into `fprof.trace`.  You can profile &
analyze this from `iex`:

iex(1)> :fprof.profile()
Reading trace data...
End of trace!
iex(2)> :fprof.analyse([dest: 'analysis.txt', cols: 120, callers: true, sort:
:own, totals: true, details: true])
Processing data...
Creating output...

See [the fprof documentation]( for
more details.

# TODO: Figure out whether users need to add tools to their applications list.