# Rate Limit Plug

[Elixir]( [Plug]( giving requests per second rate limiting capability.

A resource can be protected by a pro-rata rate limit. For example a limit of 4 requests a second will allow a request every 250ms - you cannot use up all requests in the first few milliseconds of a period. Note this applies to the entire router - the library needs to be extended to handle individual paths.

The response code when the limit is exceeded is [429 Too Many Requests]( This plug uses the [Token Bucket Algorithm](

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## Install

Add `:plug_ratelimit` to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

  {:plug_ratelimit, "~> 0.21"}

## Example

There is an example app in [example/demo.exs](example/demo.exs). To run:

mix run --no-halt example/demo.exs

Then call enough times to exceed the 4 req/sec limit:

seq 5 | xargs -Iz curl -w " %{http_code}\n" http://localhost:4000/

  ok 200
  ok 200
  ok 200
  ok 200
  Too Many Requests 429

### Dev

Start REPL:

    iex -S mix

Load plug:

c "lib/plug/ratelimit.ex"
{:ok, _} = Plug.Adapters.Cowboy.http Plug.Ratelimit, [requests_per_second: 4]


    curl http://localhost:4000/

    ab -n 5

or run `curl` multiple times:

    seq 5 | xargs -Iz curl http://localhost:4000/

## Credits

* This library uses a Stern-Brocot tree to find a good ratio of the number of tokens to add to the bucket at a given interval - this ratio is a variation of the algorithm described in [John D. Cook's Best rational approximation](