# plug_session_mnesia

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An application for storing and managing Plug sessions with Mnesia.

This application provides a `Plug.Session.Store` using Mnesia as back-end, and a
session cleaner for automatically deleting inactive sessions. It also provide
helpers for creating the Mnesia table.

Using Mnesia enables session persistence between application reboots and
distribution. However, distribution is not yet supported out of the box by the
table creation helpers. You must create the Mnesia table yourself to use this

## Setup

To use it in your app, add this to your dependencies:

{:plug_session_mnesia, "~> 0.1.1"}

Then, add to your configuration:

config :plug_session_mnesia,
  table: :session,
  max_age: 86_400

It will store the sessions in a Mnesia table named `session` and discard them if
they are inactive for more than 1 day. You can also choose to discard sessions
after a given amount of time, regardless they have been active or not. To do
this, simply add `timestamp: :fixed` to the configuration.

By default, `PlugSessionMnesia.Cleaner` checks every minute for outdated
sessions. You can change this behaviour by setting the `:cleaner_timeout` key
in the configuration with a value in seconds.

You must also tell `Plug.Session` that you use this store:

plug Plug.Session,
  key: "_app_key",
  store: PlugSessionMnesia.Store

You can then create the Mnesia table:

    $ mix session.setup

If you want to use a node name or a custom directory for the Mnesia database,
you can take a look at `Mix.Tasks.Session.Setup`.

You can also create it directly from Elixir using
`PlugSessionMnesia.Helpers.setup!/0`. This can be useful to include in a setup
task to be run in a release environment.

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## License

Copyright © 2017-2018 Jean-Philippe Cugnet

This project is licensed under the [MIT license](LICENSE).