# PowEmailConfirmation

This extension will send an e-mail confirmation link when the user registers, and when the user changes their e-mail. It requires that the user schema has an `:email` field.

Users won't be signed in when they register, and can't sign in until the e-mail has been confirmed. The confirmation e-mail will be sent every time the sign in fails. The user will be redirected to `after_registration_path/1` and `after_sign_in_path/1` accordingly.

To prevent user enumeration, the user will see the same confirmation required message if the account couldn't be created due to unique constraint error on `:email`. No e-mail will be sent. If `pow_prevent_user_enumeration: false` is set in `conn.private` the form with error will be shown instead.

When users updates their e-mail, it won't be changed until the user has confirmed the new e-mail by clicking the e-mail confirmation link. The confirmation will fail if the `:email` is already in use for another account. If `PowInvitation` is used then the same logic applies when a user accepts an invitation changing their e-mail address in the process.

## Installation

Follow the instructions for extensions in [](../../../, and set `PowEmailConfirmation` in the `:extensions` list.

## Configuration

Add the following section to your `WEB_PATH/controllers/pow/registration_html/edit.html.heex` template (you may need to generate the templates first) after the `pow_user_id_field` field:

<p :if={} class="phx-no-feedback:hidden mt-3 flex gap-3 text-sm leading-6 text-rose-600">
  <.icon name="hero-exclamation-circle-mini" class="mt-0.5 w-5 h-5 flex-none" />
  Click the link in the confirmation email to change your email to <span class="font-semibold text-brand hover:underline"></span>.

## Prevent persistent session sign in

To prevent that `PowPersistentSession` creates a new persistent session when the email hasn't been confirmed, `PowEmailConfirmation` should be placed first in the extensions list. It'll halt the connection.

## Test and seed

If you want your user to be automatically confirmed in test and seed, you just have to call: `PowEmailConfirmation.Ecto.Context.confirm_email(user, %{}, otp_app: :my_app)`

You can also update or insert the row directly and set `email_confirmed_at: DateTime.utc_now()`.

## Note on PowInvitation

When a user is invited with [PowInvitation](../invitation/, the email will only be required confirmed if the invited user decides to change their email when accepting the invitation.