# Prexent
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> ### Markdown |> HTML |> code |> run |> edit
> Create fast, live and beautiful presentations from Markdown powered by Phoenix LiveView.

This is the Spawnfest 2019 project by [Fiqus]( team.

A HTML presentations generator from markdown files with the ability to *run* and *edit* live elixir code (and other languages you have the interpreter for).
Once you create a prexent, the dependency will be installed on top of Phoenix and LiveView, gaining all its powerfull features.

Install the mix archive, create presentations quicky on the fly, edit markdown, include your code and prexent!

This tool is meant to be adopted by the Elixir community as a main presentation utility.

## Pre-requisites
  * `Elixir` 1.7 or later
  * `Erlang/OTP` 21 or later

## Create a presentation
Install the mix archive installer from Hex:

    $ mix archive.install hex prexent_new 0.2.0

Or create it from an unreleased version:

    $ cd installer
    $ mix do, archive.install

The installer is installed globally for your elixir version and with this you will be able to create multiple presentations quickly.

Create a new presentation in any directory:

    $ mix nice_talk

The installer will prompt you to confirm installing all the dependecies, `prexent` will be installed!

    $ cd nice_talk
    $ mix deps.get

This mix task will create the project structure and a `` with demo Markdown, feel free to edit it!

Then, run prexent:

    $ mix prexent

If you change the file name you can optionally pass that to the task:

    $ mix present

Access to `http://localhost:4000` for the slideshow view or `http://localhost:4000/presenter` for the presenter view.

## Prexent commands

Customize your presentations, add prexent commands wherever you want in your markdown file:

#### Live code
    !code code/my_function.exs

For other languages than elixir you have to specify the language (2nd param) and the interpreter (3rd param), i.e:

    !code code/ python python3

#### Header, footer, css..
    !header Fiqus
    !footer Slider

Add your(s) custom css:

    !custom_css custom.css

For custom syntax highlighting, you can see [demos]( of the available schemas.
You can download any of them [here]( and include them in your markdown file.

#### Background image
Global background

    !global_background /background.jpg

Background for a specific slide

    !slide_background /background.jpg

#### Include other markdown files

#### Comment
The comment is only shown in the presenter view.

    !comment tip for this slide!

## Examples

The Prexent source code ships with some prexent project presentations examples under `/examples`.
Try them yourself!

    $ cd examples/photos
    $ mix deps.get
    $ mix prexent