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Proplist provides the complete Keyword API, but for Proplists.


You can find the docs over at [hexdocs](, or take a look through `lib/proplist.ex` for inline docs.

N.B. In general, the functions are a 1-for-1 mapping of the `Keyword` functions. If there are differences, they've been aliased as their Keyword counterparts, e.g. `has_prop?` is aliased as `has_key?`.

Getting Started

Add `proplist` to your deps, then run `$ mix deps.get`.

def deps do
  [{:proplist, "~> 1.1"}]

That's it!

Is it any good?



From Proplist version `1.1.0`, Proplist will be versioned against the current Elixir version. This means that Proplist `1.1.X` is compatible with Elixir `1.1.X`. Proplist `1.2.X` will be 100% feature-complete relative to Elixir `1.2.X`'s Keyword module, and so on.