# Pyro

Pyro is a suite of libraries for building UI in Phoenix.

- [Pyro](

  Component tooling for Phoenix.

  - Customizable "overrides" system for granularly customizable themes
  - Extended component attributes, e.g. CSS merging

- [PyroComponents](

  Ready-made Phoenix components, built with pyro.

  - Heex component library
  - Overrides presets to get started quickly while allowing deep customization

- [AshPyro](

  Declarative UI for Ash Framework.

  - Ash extensions providing a declarative UI DSL

- [AshPyroComponents](

  Components that automatically render PyroComponents declaratively via AshPyro.

## About

For more details on PyroComponents, check out the [About]( page.

## Installation

To install PyroComponents and use them in your Phoenix app, follow the [Get Started](get-started.html) guide. For the other features, please see the "Get Started" guide for the appropriate library instead.

## Development

As long as Elixir is already installed:

git clone
cd pyro_components
mix setup

For writing docs, there is a handy watcher script that automatically rebuilds/reloads the docs locally: `./`

## Prior Art

- [Petal]( Petal is an established project with a robust set of components, and served as a substantial inspiration for this project.
- [Doggo]( Headless UI components for Phoenix, with an emphasis on semantic HTML and APG guidelines.