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[Qiniu]( sdk for Elixir

## Installation and config

* Add qiniu as dependence and application

# mix.exs
def application do
  [applications: [:qiniu]]

defp deps do
  [{:qiniu, "~> 0.3.0"}]

Then run `$ mix deps.get`

* Config the Qiniu API keys

# config/prod.secret.exs (You'd better not add this file to git)
config :qiniu, Qiniu,
  access_key: "key",
  secret_key: "secret"

## Usage

### Upload

Get the token for uploading

policy ="scope")
uptoken = Qiniu.Auth.generate_uptoken(policy)

Upload a local file in server

put_policy ="books")
Qiniu.Uploader.upload put_policy, "~/cool.jpg", key: "cool.jpg"

Chunked upload

put_policy ="books")
Qiniu.ChunkUpload.chunk_upload put_policy, "~/cool.jpg", key: "cool.jpg"

### Download

Get the authorized download url

Qiniu.Auth.authorize_download_url(url, 3600)

### Media Processing

AV transcoding

Qiniu.Fop.AV.trans_fops([avthumb: "mp4", s: "640x360", saveas: "bucket1:test.mp4"])

**See the [doc]( for other features**

### TODO

There're many small features, implements of which are bothering.
And some of them seem not very useful. So I don't plan to implement all of them
until I find some useful. You can create issues when you need some features
or just implement them by yourself.

- [x] Uploading
  - [x] 直传文件(upload)
  - [x] 创建块(mkblk)
  - [x] 上传片(bput)
  - [x] 创建文件(bput)
- [x] Resource management
  - [x] 获取资源信息(stat)
  - [x] 复制资源(copy)
  - [x] 移动资源(move)
  - [x] 删除资源(delete)
  - [x] 批量操作(batch)
  - [x] 列举资源(list)
  - [x] 抓取资源(fetch)
  - [x] 更新镜像资源(prefetch)
  - [x] 修改元信息(chgm)
- [ ] Data handling
  - [ ] Image
    - [x] 图片基本信息(info)
    - [x] 图片EXIF信息(exif)
    - [x] 水印(watermark)
    - [x] 图片主色调(avg_hue)
  - [x] 资源下载二维码(qrcode)