# Quantum Storage Redis

Quantum storage adapter for redis. This is basically a copy of [persistent ets implementation](

Uses [Redix]( under the hood to communicate with redis.

## Installation

1. The package can be installed by adding `quantum_storage_redis` to your list
   of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:quantum_storage_redis, git: "", branch: "main"},

2. Enable storage adapter for your scheduler, add this to your `config.exs`:

import Config

config :acme, Acme.Scheduler,
  storage: QuantumStorageRedis,
  # Here you need provide options for Redix adapter. Note that
  # redix itself will be started under name postfixed with `Redix`
  # For more options please see redix docs
  storage_opts: [name: QuantumStorage, host: "localhost", port: 6379]