= Ranch

Ranch is a socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols.

== Goals

Ranch aims to provide everything you need to accept TCP connections with
a *small* code base and *low latency* while being easy to use directly
as an application or to *embed* into your own.

Ranch provides a *modular* design, letting you choose which transport
and protocol are going to be used for a particular listener. Listeners
accept and manage connections on one port, and include facilities to
limit the number of *concurrent* connections. Connections are sorted
into *pools*, each pool having a different configurable limit.

Ranch also allows you to *upgrade* the acceptor pool without having
to close any of the currently opened sockets.

== Online documentation

*[User guide]
*[Function reference]

== Offline documentation

* While still online, run `make docs`
* User guide available in `doc/` in PDF and HTML formats
* Function reference man pages available in `doc/man3/` and `doc/man7/`
* Run `make install-docs` to install man pages on your system
* Full documentation in Asciidoc available in `doc/src/`
* Examples available in `examples/`

== Getting help

*[Issues tracker]
*[Commercial Support]