## rebar3_bump
A rebar plugin to inspired by ruby's `bump` gem. This plugin can be used to manage package version.

## Build
$ rebar3 compile

## Use
Add the plugin to your rebar config:
{project_plugins, [
	{rebar3_bump, "0.1.0"}
Then set the `vsn` attribute of `.app.src`/`relx` release configuration to `{cmd, "rebar3 bump"}`. An example `.app.src` is listed below
{application, sample_app,
 [{description, "An OTP library"},
  {vsn, {cmd, "rebar3 bump"}},
  {registered, []},
  {modules, []},

  {licenses, ["Apache 2.0"]},
  {links, []}

Then just call your plugin directly in an existing application:
$ rebar3 bump [major|minor|patch|pre}
This plugin requires a configuration file `bump.config` to be present in your project. The file will get created if not present. The plugin also automatically appends git metadata to the version.

## Release
- Make appropriate code changes
- Update version in `src/`
- Update plugin version in `examples/sample_app/rebar.config`
- Commit changes and cut a new release.
- Publish to [](

## Use plugin from github
{project_plugins, [
	{rebar3_bump, {git, "", {tag, "<release tag>"}}}
The release tag can be found in [releases]( page.