# rebar3_edoc_extensions
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A pugin for extensions of [EDoc](

## Build

$ rebar3 compile

## Use

Add the plugin to your rebar config:

{project_plugins, [{rebar3_edoc_extensions, "~> 0.2.0"}]}.

For generate `doc` with new style, run:
$ rebar3 edoc_extensions

## Behavior
Use `rebar3 edoc_extensions` instead of `rebar3 edoc` for generate documentation.
Current plugin will redefine second options of `edoc_opts`: `stylesheet`, `xml_export`, `layout`, `doclet`.
Make sure that you don't use some config options which are described above - otherwise they will be overwritten by plugin.
Plugin will use `overview.edoc` by default which placed in `priv` folder of current source code.
If need to use own custom `overview.edoc`, just create `overview.edoc` in `doc` folder of root application.

## 3d party of `CSS`/`JavaScript`
* Used [](
* Used [github-markdown-css](

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