# rebar3_edoc_extensions

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`rebar3_edoc_extensions` is a Rebar 3 plugin bringing improvements to
[EDoc]( documentation.

## Getting started

To use this plugin for your project, simply add the plugin to the
`project_plugins` list in your `rebar.config` configuration:

%% In `rebar.config`.
{project_plugins, [rebar3_edoc_extensions]}.

It overrides the defaut behavior of the `rebar edoc` command. Therefore, the
next time you generate the documentation, you will benefit from the
improvements brought by this plugin.

## EDoc improvements

Here is a list of changes this plugin makes to EDoc-generated documentation:

1. A table of content of the Overview page is added to the left sidebar.
2. The [GitHub Markdown stylesheet](
   is used to style the entire documentation.
3. [PrismJS]( is used to enable syntax highlighting to
   literals and code snippets.

## Configuration

The plugin supports a few options to configure the **PrismJS syntax
highlighting** library:

*   Select the version of PrismJS to download:
    {prismjs_version, "v1.26.0"}.

    The default version is `"v1.26.0"`.

*   Select the PrismJS theme:
    {prismjs_theme, "twilight"}.

    The default theme is `"default"`.

*   Select the list of languages to support:
    {prismjs_languages, ["erlang", "javascript"]}.

    The default languages are `"erlang"` and `"elixir"`.

## Build

$ rebar3 compile

## Use

Add the plugin to your rebar config:

For generate `doc` with new style, run:
$ rebar3 edoc

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