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Provider for generate the version from git.

It is a plugin for [rebar3](

## Overview
When we use the `{vsn, git}`, it can be generated to automatically version from git hash.  
However, it does not mean able to use at any time.  
For example, if you want to publish to [hex](, it is not a recommended way.

If your library include escripts and does not use `{vsn, git}`, this plugin would be useful in order to return the correct version.  
For example, it is used in [erlup](

This plugin works as follows:

- If `${APP_DIR}/.git` is exist, add the version of git to the `.app` file.
- If `${APP_DIR}/.git` isn't exist, it does noting.

## Usage

%% rebar.config
{plugins, [rebar3_git_vsn]}.

{provider_hooks, [{post, [{compile, git_vsn}]}]}.

  %% Where to write the git vsn.
  %% FYI: application:get_env(Application, EnvKey)
  %% (default: git_vsn)
  {env_key, git_vsn},

  %% Git describe option.
  %% FYI:
  %% (default: "")
  {describe_opt, "--tags --long"},

  %% If the "git describe" returns "tag-count-hash", it convert to "{tag, count, hash}".
  %% Otherwise, it doesn't perform the conversion.
  %% (default: false)
  {separate, true}

## License
[MIT License](LICENSE)