A rebar plugin to specify path dependencies. 

Over time, your project is growing significantly in size! It’s gotten to the point that 
you probably want to split out a separate OTP applications for others to use. 

This plugin add to rebar the  supports of path dependencies which are typically sub-applications 
that live within one repository. 


    $ rebar3 compile


Let’s start off by making a new OTP application `hello_utils` inside of your  project `hello_world`:

    # inside of hello-world/
    $ rebar3 new app hello_utils

This will create a new folder hello_utils inside of which a `rebar.config` and `src` folder are ready to be useed. 
In order to tell Rebar about this, open up `hello_world/rebar.config` and add hello_utils to your dependencies:

{deps, [
  {hello_utils, {path, "hello_utils"}},


This tells Rebar that we depend on an application called `hello_utils` which is found in the `hello_utils` 
folder (relative to the `rebar.config` file it’s written in).

and then add the plugin to your `rebar.config`:

    {plugins, [

Then just compile your application

    $ rebar3 compile
    ===> Compiling rebar3_path_deps
    ===> Verifying dependencies...
    ===> Fetching hello_utils ({path,"hello_utils",
    ===> Compiling hello_utils
    ===> Compiling hello_world