# Redbird

**Redbird is part of the [thoughtbot Elixir family][elixir-phoenix] of projects.**

Redbird is a Redis session adapter for Plug.Session.
It works great for Phoenix!

## Installation

### Add Redbird to your application and dependency list.

  def deps do
      {:redbird, "~> 0.7.1"},

### Configure Plug

plug Plug.Session,
  store: :redis,
  key: "_app_key",
  expiration_in_seconds: 3000 # Optional - default is 30 days

### Configure Redbird

All redbird created keys are automatically namespaced with `redbird_session` by
default. If you'd like to set your own custom, per app, configuration you can
set that in the config.

config :redbird, key_namespace: "my_app_"

### Configure Redix

Redbird uses [Redix] to communicate with Redis. You can pass configuration
options as `redis_options`:

config :redbird,
  redis_options: [
    host: System.get_env("REDIS_HOST"),
    port: System.get_env("REDIS_PORT"),
    password: System.get_env("REDIS_PASSWORD"),
    ssl: true

For a full list of configuration options, please see [Redix's connection

  [Redix's connection options]:

### Mix Tasks

This will give you access to the mix task `mix redbird.delete_all_sessions`, for
clearing all Redbird created user sessions from Redis. If you have not set up a
per app `key_namespace` in the config this will clear ALL Redbird sessions on
your server. Otherwise it will only clear the sessions created by the specific
app you're running it in.

## Contributing

See the [CONTRIBUTING] document.
Thank you, [contributors]!


## License

Redbird is Copyright (c) 2017-2020 thoughtbot, inc.
It is free software, and may be redistributed
under the terms specified in the [LICENSE] file.


## About


Redbird is maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc.
The names and logos for thoughtbot are trademarks of thoughtbot, inc.

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