# RedisLogger [![Build Status](](

A [Redis]( based backend for Logger which pushes to a SortedSet.

## Configuration

In your config.exs, add redis_logger as a backend:

config :logger,
  backends: [{RedisLogger, :redis_logger}]

You'll need to pass your redis connection url along with the name of the sorted set key where messages will be pushed.

config :logger, :redis_logger,
  zset: "elixir_logs",
  level: :info,
  redis_url: "redis://localhost:6379/0"

## Usage

You know what to do.

## Todo

- [ ] Expiration of log items
- [ ] Add specs
- [ ] Add documentation
- [ ] Ensure Credo passes

## Tests or Contributions

- `mix test`
- Fork, Branch, PR

## Credit

Thanks to Joshua Schniper for publishing [GelfLogger](, the giant on whose shoulders this project stands.