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Relx is a library that assembles Erlang/OTP releases. Given a release
specification and a list of directories in which to search for OTP
applications it will generate a release output.

It is generally used through the Erlang/OTP build tool
[rebar3]( which provides a cli interface.


`relx` is a library used by [rebar3]( Documentation on
using `rebar3` for building releases with `relx` can be found on

Also see [Adopting Erlang's Releases

Building and Testing

Common Test suites can be run with `rebar3`:

``` shell
$ rebar3 compile
$ rebar3 ct

Tests for the start scripts that are generated by `relx` are tested with

The script `shelltests/` will clone `rebar3` main and build it
with the current `relx` as a checkout dependency and then run the tests using
that `rebar3` escript:

``` shell
$ shelltests/