# What is riak_core_lite?

Riak Core Lite is a framework that simplifies the development of dynamo-style architectures, such as highly-available key-value stores and messaging systems.

Build upon the essence of Riak KV's core with an up-to-date, modular and extensible foundation for elastic distributed services.

# riak_core_lite


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To get started with riak_core_lite you can follow Mariano Guerra's tutorials.
They are based on the full riak_core, but are still applicable to riak_core_lite.

1. [Setup](
2. [Starting](
3. [Ping Command](
4. [First Commands](
5. [Quorum Requests](
6. [Handoff](
7. [HTTP API](
9. [Persistent KV with leveled backend](

## Contributing

We love community code, bug fixes, and other forms of contribution. We
use GitHub Issues and Pull Requests for contributions to this and all
other code. To get started:

1. Fork this repository.
2. Clone your fork or add the remote if you already have a clone of
   the repository.
3. Create a topic branch for your change.
4. Make your change and commit. Use a clear and descriptive commit
   message, spanning multiple lines if detailed explanation is needed.
5. Push to your fork of the repository and then send a pull request.

6. A committer will review your patch and merge it into the main
   repository or send you feedback.

## Issues, Questions, and Bugs

There are numerous ways to file issues or start conversations around
something Core related

* If you've found a bug in riak_core_lite,
  [file]( a clear, concise,
  explanatory issue against this repo.