### High performance multiple backend web server

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## Requirements

* Erlang/OTP 19
* Elixir 1.3.4
* Mix 1.3.4

## Running

Install elixir and mix:
$ brew install elixir

Install project dependencies with:
$ mix deps.get

Start with internal default conf:
$ mix run --no-halt

Start with external conf
$ mix
$ ./ringbahn --config=../some_config_dir/config.ring.json

For debugging use iex
iex -S mix


_We are at an early development stage, please use it with caution._

# Configuration

By default Ringbahn uses json files for configuration.
To distinguish between other json files please prefer using `.ring.json` extension.
It may use templating support later on... (with EEx or any other choice)

Example configuration is like:

    "settings": {
        "backend": "ZMQ",                  # Defines the backend interface to talk with handlers
        "worker_count": 4,                 # Defines how many internal processes should be started
        "port_offset": 100,                # Defines the intervals for instance ports
        "disable_access_logging": true     # Disables access logging (Not Implemented)
    "static_dir": {                        # Static DIR serving (Not implemented)
        "base": "public",
        "index_file": "index.html",
        "default_ctype": "text/plain"
    "server": {
        "pid_file": "/run/",                                 # PID file (Not Implemented)
        "uuid": "edc0a43a-9d93-4d3d-93db-94c3a581ab17",                  # Ringbahn Server UUID (will be muxed by worker_count)
        "access_log": "/log/access.log",                                 # Access log file basename (Not Implemented)
        "error_log": "/log/error.log",                                   # Error log file basename (Not Implemented)
        "port": 6767,                                                    # Starting port for server endpoint (will be muxed by port_offset)
        "default_host": "localhost",                                     # Default host name for serving through...
        "hosts": {                                                       # Every host declaration goes inside of this
            "localhost": [                                               # Route declarations goes inside of this host
                    "route": "/test",                                    # Route that will be handled
                    "send_spec": "",                            # Send address that will be used to send incoming request to handlers
                    "send_port": 10000,                                  # Port that will be used for send
                    "send_ident": "f983c23e-9058-4c9c-56ec-7f9f9a34c9ma",# Identifier for sender server process group
                    "recv_spec": "",                            # Receive address that will be used for receiving responses from handlers
                    "recv_port": 10001,                                  # Port that will be used for receive
                    "recv_ident": "t3ok87np-9058-4c9c-9treu-7f9f9a34c9ka"# Identifier for receiver server process group

In depth documentation is available in project page:

## TODOs

* Regex in urls and globbing
* Make kernel polling if it is available.
* Remove nasty dialyzer errors.
* Declare type specs. [ONGOING]
* Write more tests. [ONGOING]
* Access log, Error log support.
* Pidfile watching, fsevents.
* Implement Protobuf backend.
* Autogen UUID4s.
* Static DIR serving.

## Benchmarks

Benchmarks are in `benchmark` directory. It will be organized when new backends kicked in by time.
Please head to the README of benchmarks for more info.

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