# erlang-rocksdb - Erlang wrapper for RocksDB. #

Copyright (c) 2016-2019 Benoît Chesneau.

__Version:__ 1.0.1 Erlang wrapper for RocksDB-Cloud.

This binding wrap [rocksdb-cloud]( . It's based on
the [Erlang rocksdb binding](

Feedback and pull requests welcome! If a particular feature of RocksDB is important to you, please let me know by opening an issue, and I'll prioritize it.

## Features

- rocksdb-cloud 5.18.3 with snappy 1.1.7, lz4 1.8.3
- Erlang 19.3 and sup with dirty-nifs enabled
- all basics db operations
- batchs support
- snapshots support
- checkpoint support
- column families support
- transaction logs
- backup support
- erlang merge operator
- customized build support
- Tested on macosx, freebsd, solaris and linux

## Usage

See the [Gitlab Wiki]( for more explanation and specifically
the [RocksDB Cloud usage]( page.

> Note: `cmake>=3.4` is required to install `erlang-rocksdb`.

## Customized build ##

See the [Customized builds]( for more information.

## Support

Support, Design and discussions are done via the [Gitlab Tracker]( or [email](mailto:incoming+barrel-db/

## License

Erlang RocksDB is licensed under the Apache License 2.

## Modules ##

<table width="100%" border="0" summary="list of modules">
<tr><td><a href="" class="module">rocksdb</a></td></tr></table>