# Rube

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A DeFi development toolkit for Elixir


## Install

Add `rube` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`

def deps do
    {:rube, "~> 0.0.1"}

## Development

You can run the app natively on the host `http://rube.localhost:4000`

$ mix setup
$ mix phx.server

Or within `docker-compose` `http://rube.localhost`

$ docker-compose up

When running the application with `docker-compose` you will need to enter the basic auth development credentials:

username: admin
passowrd: password

## Test

$ mix test

## Help Wanted :)

If you think this `rube` thing might be worthwhile and you don't see a feature
we would love your contributions to add them! Feel free to drop us an email or open
a Github issue.

## Authors

* [Alex Kwiatkowski]( -

## License

`rube` is released under the [MIT license](./