A mix task for creating new projects based on templates fetched from a Git-repo.

Notice, these projects does not need to be Elixir projects, any file structure should do as a template.

This is work in progress. Stuff will change radically from version to version. This has only been tested on OS X Yosemite. Please contact me about your experiences on other operating systems.

As of yet it is able to create a new project based on data in a local Git repository. Planned features include placeholders and other neat stuff. Please check the projects Github issues and add feature- and pull-requests. Thanks.


`--template name` will pick the branch *name* as the template.

Setting up the Git repo
Create a `.scaffold` folder in your home directory and initialize a git repository in it. Alternatively a Git repository could be initialized on a site like Github and cloned into the *.scaffold* directory.

`mix scaffold` will look in this folder and use master as its template unless the `--template` flag has been set, as described in the *Flags*-section.

This project uses the awesome [Gitex]( project by [Arnaud Wetzel]( (released under the MIT License (MIT)) to communicate with the Git repository.

See the LICENSE file included in the project. If it is not please contact the creator of the project.