# Scenic

Scenic is an application framework written directly on the Elixir/Erlang/OTP
stack. With it, you can build client-side applications that operate identically
across all supported operating systems, including MacOS, Ubuntu, Nerves/Linux,
and more.

Scenic is primarily aimed at fixed screen connected devices (IoT), but can also
be used to build portable applications.

## __IMPORTANT__ - Upgrading to v0.11

If you have used versions before v0.11, please see the [Upgrading to v0.11 Guide](upgrading_to_v0-11.html).

## How to get started?

If you are new to Scenic, then you should read the following guides.

* [Install Dependencies](install_dependencies.html)
* [General Overview](overview_general.html)
* [Getting Started](getting_started.html)
* [Getting Started with Nerves (IoT)](getting_started_nerves.html)
* [Structure of a Scene](overview_scene.html)
* [Life-cycle of a Scene](scene_lifecycle.html)
* [Graph Overview](overview_graph.html)
* [Primitives](Scenic.Primitives.html)
* [Standard Components](Scenic.Components.html)
* [Styles](overview_styles.html)
* [Transforms](overview_transforms.html)
* [Contributing](contributing.html)
* [Code of Conduct](code_of_conduct.html)

### WIP

* [ViewPort Overview](overview_viewport.html)
* [Driver Overview](overview_driver.html)
* [Nerves](getting_started_nerves.html)