# Scout Elixir Performance Monitoring Agent

`scout_apm` monitors the performance of Elixir applications in production and provides an in-browser profiler during development. Metrics are
reported to [Scout](, a hosted application monitoring service.


## Monitoring Usage

1. Signup for a [free Scout account](
2. Follow our install instructions within the UI.

[See our docs]( for detailed information.

## DevTrace (Development Profiler) Usage

DevTrace, Scout's in-browser development profiler, may be used without signup.


To use:

1. [Follow the same installation steps as monitoring](, but skip downloading the config file.
2. In your `config/dev.exs` file, add:
# config/dev.exs
config :scout_apm,
  dev_trace: true
3. Restart your app.
4. Refresh your browser window and look for the speed badge.

## Instrumentation

See [our docs]( for information on libraries we auto-instrument (like Phoenix controller-actions) and guides for instrumenting Phoenix channels, Task, HTTPoison, GenServer, and more.