# Searchex Readme

A full-text search engine written in pure Elixir.

This application is UNDER CONSTRUCTION - not yet ready for use.

## About Searchex

Searchex provides a search capability for full-text documents.  Example
document types include:

- text, markdown, XML and JSON files
- source code files
- product descriptions
- blog and forum posts
- chat rooms and twitter feeds
- web pages

## Quick Start


## Searchex Architecture

A Searchex `DOCUMENT` has two key elements:

1. document `META-DATA`, like `title`, `author_name`, `publication_date` 

2. the `FULL-TEXT` of the document 

Searchex organizes documents into separate `COLLECTIONS`.  Each collection has
two main elements:

1. the `CATALOG`, a table-like structure that contains the document ID,
meta-data, and document location.

2. the `INDEX`, an inverted index that is built for fast search and retrieval

Each collection is defined by a `CONFIG` file, a yaml file that specifies
things like:

- document directories
- file types
- meta-data fields definitions and extraction regexes
- document separator regex (for multi-doc files)

## Using Searchex

A `searchex` command-line program can be used to manage config files, catalogs
and indexes, and to perform searches.

There is an API that Elixir developers can use to embed Searchex into their

## Why Erlang/Elixir

Text indexing and search can be incredibly compute intensive, and benefit
massively from the concurrent/distributed capabilities of the BEAM.

# Package Installation

Add `searchex` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:searchex, "~> 0.0.1-alpha.2"}]

Then run `mix deps.get`

## Escript Installation

If you have Elixir 1.3+ enter this at the console:

<pre><sub>mix escript.install</sub></pre>

## Tab Completion

Get a tab-completion script by typing `searchex completion`

To install: copy this script to `/etc/bash_completion.d` (or equivalent)

     $ searchex completion > /etc/bash_completion.d/searchex_completion.bash
     $ chmod a+rx /etc/bash_completion.d/searchex_completion.bash

## Comparables and Reference Docs

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## System Overview

The search engine allows the establishment of one or more document collections.
The source data from a document collection is a textual file which cataloged
and indexed by Searchex.

### Documents

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