# Awsm Theme
Awsm Theme is a [Serum]( meets [awsm.css](

# [Example](

# Installing theme
1. Add `serum-theme-awsm` to your `mix.exs`:
{:serum_theme_awsm, "~> 0.1"}
2. Configure Serum to use this theme in `serum.exs`
theme: Serum.Themes.Awsm
For more info please refer to the [Serum guide](

# Configuring awsm.css theme
Yeah, awsm.css has themes too...
1. Go to [awsm.css site]( and choose color scheme you like
2. Create a file `includes/awsm_theme.html.eex` in your project and put a link to your chosen scheme's css file there:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/awsm_theme_black.css">