# ServicexMatching

To start your Phoenix server:

  * Install dependencies with `mix deps.get`
  * Create and migrate your database with `mix ecto.create && mix ecto.migrate`
  * Start Phoenix endpoint with `mix phx.server`

Now you can visit [`localhost:4000`](http://localhost:4000) from your browser.

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## OverViews

ServicexMatching is probide you general model and contoroller for B2C matching service.

ServicexMatching working based on Servicex.
So. you must install Servicex before ServicexMatching installation.

please read ReadMe(

responsibilities border  of Servicex and ServicexMatching is follow

#### Servicex: provide Core models and functions
- user (core user infomation for mail address registration and jwt token authentication.)
- mail (function for mail address validation before user registration.)
- grant check (Executability check function based on request_url and user_role)

#### ServicexMatching provide augmented model and functions for Matching Service
- user_profile (augmented user infomation for ordinary SNS user)
- joiner (individual user who wants to participate in someone's project)
- record (joiner's record of activity)
- organization ( organizations who wants recrute someoneelse)
- project (unit of recruitment create by organiztion) 
- tag (categolized tag for user_profile,record and project) 
First. install servicex

## Installation

First. install and configure [Servicex](

add deps



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