# Shippex

Shippex is an abstraction of commonly used features in shipping with various carriers. It provides a (hopefully) pleasant API to work with carrier-provided web interfaces for fetching rates and printing shipping labels.

As of now, only UPS and USPS are supported. More carrier support will come in the future. Units of measurement are mostly hardcoded to inches and miles.

Docs: [](

## Installation

1. Add `shippex` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:shippex, "~> 0.6"}]

2. Ensure `shippex` is started before your application:

def application do
  [applications: [:shippex]]

## Fetching rates

origin ={
  name: "Earl G",
  phone: "123-123-1234",
  address: "9999 Hobby Lane",
  address_line_2: nil,
  city: "Austin",
  state: "TX",
  zip: "78703"

destination ={
  name: "Bar Baz",
  phone: "123-123-1234",
  address: "1234 Foo Blvd",
  address_line_2: nil,
  city: "Plano",
  state: "TX",
  zip: "75074",
  country: "US" # optional

package ={
  length: 8,
  width: 8,
  height: 4,
  weight: 5,
  description: "Headphones",
  monetary_value: 20 # optional

shipment =, destination, package)

# Fetch rates
rates = Shippex.fetch_rates(shipment, carriers: :usps)

# Accept one of the services and print the label
{:ok, rate} = Enum.shuffle(rates) |> hd

# Fetch the label. Includes the tracking number and a gif image of the label.
{:ok, transaction} = Shippex.create_transaction(shipment, rate.service)

rate = transaction.rate
label = transaction.label

# Print the price

# Write the label to disk.

## TODO:

Carrier support:

- [x] UPS
- [x] USPS
- [ ] FedEx