# SimpleGraphqlClient
Simple Graphql client for elixir!

## Why
Q: There is a lot of others GraphQL clients for elixir, why creating another one.

A: Because some of them wants you to interpolate variables directly into your query string, and IMHO that is not best approach, some of them are too complicated for just pick them up. And some of them extremely cool like Maple but do not fit into general usage.

## Usage
### Query/Mutation example
query = "query users($name: String){users(name: $name){name}}"
SimpleGraphqlClient.graphql_request(query, %{name: "Boris"})
# Will produce
  body: {:ok, %{"data" => %{"users" => []}}},
  headers: [],
  status_code: 200

### Subscription example
sub_query = "
  subscription testsub {
SimpleGraphqlClient.absinthe_subscribe(sub_query, %{}, &IO.inputs/1)

# Will produce 
%{"userAdded" => %{"email" => ""}}

## More examples
You can find more examples in `test_app/test/graphql` folder

## Configuration
For configuration i suggest to write your own wrappers of &graphql_request/3 or any subscribe function. If you want to pass Authorization parametrs to WS connection, please encode them into url.

## Installation
def deps do
    {:simple_graphql_client, "~> 0.2.0"}

## Roadmap
  * Add support for subscribtion(50% done, absinthe subscriptions already here)
  * Better Dialyzer
  * CI/Test coverege

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