# Singleton

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Convenience wrapper library around Erlang's `global` module to ensure
a single instance of a process is kept running on a cluster of nodes.

## Installation

The package can be installed as:

1. Add `singleton` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:singleton, "~> 1.0"}]

2. Ensure `Singleton.Supervisor` is added to your application's supervision tree:

If your application includes a supervision tree in `application.ex`, you can simply add `Singleton.Supervisor` to the list of children.

children = [
  # ...,
  {Singleton.Supervisor, name: MyApp.Singleton}

supervisor = Supervisor.start_link(children, opts)

## Usage

Use `Singleton.start_child/3` to start a unique GenServer process.

Singleton.start_child(MyApp.Singleton, MyServer, [1], {:myserver, 1})

Execute this command on all nodes. The `MyServer` GenServer is now
globally registered under the name `{:global, {:myserver, 1}}`.

As soon as you connect nodes together, you'll see logger messages

    04:56:29.003 [info]  global: Name conflict terminating {MyServer, #PID<12501.68.0>}

When you now stop (or disconnect) the node on which the singleton
process runs, you'll see it get started on one of the other nodes.

## Troubleshooting

### More than 3 singleton processes `[info] Application singleton exited: shutdown`

In case you run more than 3 singleton you'll need to increase the
`max_restarts` of `DynamicSupervisor`.

config :singleton,
  dynamic_supervisor: [max_restarts: 100]

or add `max_restarts` to your singleton supervisor spec:

  {Singleton.Supervisor, name: MyApp.Singleton, max_restarts: 100}