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> A refreshing way to slim down your markup in Elixir.

SlimFast is an [Elixir]( library for rendering [slim]( templates as HTML.

Easily turn this:

doctype html
    meta name="keywords" description="slim fast"
    title = site_title
        = [1, 2], fn x ->
          li = x

Into this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta name="keywords">
  <title>Website Title</title>

  <div class="class" id="id">

With this:

SlimFast.render(slim, site_title: "Website Title")

## Phoenix

To use slim templates (and SlimFast) with [Phoenix](, please see [PhoenixSlim](

## Precompilation

Templates can be compiled into module functions like EEx templates, using functions
`SlimFast.function_from_file/5` and `SlimFast.function_from_string/5`.

## Contributing

Feedback, feature requests, and fixes are welcomed and encouraged.  Please make appropriate use of [Issues]( and [Pull Requests](  All code should have accompanying tests.

## License

Please see [LICENSE]( for licensing details.