# SortedSet
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A sorted set library for Elixir. Implements the
[Set]( protocol.

## Installation

Add the following to `deps` section of your `mix.exs`:
  `{:sorted_set, "~> 1.0"}`

and then `mix deps.get`. That's it!

Generate the documentation with `mix docs`.

## About

Sorted sets are backed by a [red-black tree](, providing lookup in O(log(n)). Size is tracked automatically, resulting in O(1)

## Basic Usage

`SortedSet` implements the `Set` behaviour, `Enumerable`, and `Collectable`.

|> Set.put(5)
|> Set.put(1)
|> Set.put(3)
|> Enum.reduce([], fn (element, acc) -> [element*2|acc] end)
|> Enum.reverse
# => [2, 6, 10]

Can also take a custom `:comparator` function to determine ordering. The
function should accept two terms and

  - return `0` if they are considered equal
  - return `-1` if the first is considered less than or before the second
  - return `1` if the first is considered greater than or after the second

This function is passed on to the underlying [red-black tree implementation]( implemetation. Otherwise, the
default Erlang term comparison is used (with an extra bit to handle edgecases — see note in [RedBlackTree](

```elixir[:a, :b, :c], comparator: fn (term1, term2) ->
   RedBlackTree.compare_terms(term1, term2) * -1
# => #SortedSet<[:c, :b, :a]>