# Stampery
Elixir client library for [Stampery API](, the blockchain-powered, industrial-scale certification platform.

Seamlessly integrate industrial-scale data certification into your own Elixir apps. The Stampery API adds a layer of transparency, attribution, accountability and auditability to your applications by connecting them to Stampery's infinitely scalable [Blockchain Timestamping Architecture](

## Installation

  1. Add stampery to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

        def deps do
          [{:stampery, "~> 0.2.0"}]

## Usage

defmodule Mymodule do
  use Stampery, {"2f62c715-ad87-4d6e-bf9e-e9f07aa35f1a", :prod}
  require Logger

  def on_ready do
    "Hello, blockchain!"
    |> hash
    |> stamp

  def on_proof(proof) do
    Logger.debug "Proof #{inspect proof}"


## Client libraries for other platforms
- [NodeJS](
- [PHP](
- [Ruby](
- [Python](
- [Java](
- [Go](

## Feedback

Ping us at []( and we will more than happy to help you! 😃

## License

Code released under
[the MIT license](

Copyright 2016 Stampery, Inc.