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# `statuses`

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# Why?

We found ourselves repating **`statuses`**
in various projects.
[auth/init/**statuses.ex**]( <br />
So we decided to 
and make this single-feature micro-package
we can reuse.

# What?

is a maintainable list of status structs
that anyone can read 
to be informed of **`statuses`**
used in our App(s).
It makes it easier for us to keep **`statuses`**
in one place 
and means 
anyone can contribute.

# Who?

This package is for us by us.
We don't expect anyone else to use it.
[Open Source](
so that
anyone using our Apps can view 
and contribute to the list.

# How?
## Installation

Add `statuses` 
to your dependencies 
in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:statuses, "~> 1.1.1"},

## Usage

statuses = Statuses.get_statuses()
# use them how you see fit

## Todo

Add link to where this is used in MVP.

Documentation available at: