# StringNaming

**Compile-time generated set of modules to ease an access to a predefined subset of UTF8 symbols.**

## Installation

def deps do
  [{:string_naming, "~> 0.7"}]

## Warning

**The initial compilation of the module in the default configuration takes โ‰ˆ 10 sec.**

The compilation of the whole UTF8 symbol set requires โ‰ˆ 10 min.

## `config/confix.exs`

The configuration of what is to be compiled could be changed accordingly to
what might be found in [default config](
Basically, leading `'#'` and `'='` in front of group names are treated as comments.

## How it works

The code parses the [`NamesList.txt`](
file provided by Consortium. It builds the set of nested modules under `StringNaming`.
Each nested module is granted with `__all__/0` function that returns all the
available symbols in that particular namespace.

iex|1 โ–ถ StringNaming.AnimalSymbols.__all__
[ant: "๐Ÿœ", bat: "๐Ÿฆ‡", bird: "๐Ÿฆ", blowfish: "๐Ÿก", boar: "๐Ÿ—",
 bug: "๐Ÿ›", butterfly: "๐Ÿฆ‹", cat: "๐Ÿˆ", chicken: "๐Ÿ”", chipmunk: "๐Ÿฟ",
 cow: "๐Ÿ„", crab: "๐Ÿฆ€", crocodile: "๐ŸŠ", deer: "๐ŸฆŒ", dog: "๐Ÿ•",
 dolphin: "๐Ÿฌ", dragon: "๐Ÿ‰", duck: "๐Ÿฆ†", eagle: "๐Ÿฆ…", elephant: "๐Ÿ˜",
 fish: "๐ŸŸ", goat: "๐Ÿ", gorilla: "๐Ÿฆ", honeybee: "๐Ÿ", horse: "๐ŸŽ",
 koala: "๐Ÿจ", leopard: "๐Ÿ†", lizard: "๐ŸฆŽ", monkey: "๐Ÿ’", mouse: "๐Ÿ",
 octopus: "๐Ÿ™", owl: "๐Ÿฆ‰", ox: "๐Ÿ‚", penguin: "๐Ÿง", pig: "๐Ÿ–",
 poodle: "๐Ÿฉ", rabbit: "๐Ÿ‡", ram: "๐Ÿ", rat: "๐Ÿ€", rhinoceros: "๐Ÿฆ",
 rooster: "๐Ÿ“", scorpion: "๐Ÿฆ‚", shark: "๐Ÿฆˆ", sheep: "๐Ÿ‘",
 shrimp: "๐Ÿฆ", snail: "๐ŸŒ", snake: "๐Ÿ", spider: "๐Ÿ•ท", squid: "๐Ÿฆ‘",
 tiger: "๐Ÿ…", ...]
iex|2 โ–ถ StringNaming.AnimalSymbols.monkey

## Changelog

#### `0.7.0` 

**ยกNB!** for Elixir < v1.10, use `v0.6.0`

* Added all ASCII set
* Allowed grepping by functions
* Updated `NamesList.txt` (v13 โ†’ย v14)

#### `0.6.0`

Updated `NamesList.txt` (v9 โ†’ย v13)

#### `0.4.0`

Added `StringNaming.graphemes/1` function that receives a regular expression and
returns the list of matched characters:

iex> StringNaming.graphemes ~r/\Aspace/i
  space_medium_mathematical_space: "โŸ",
  spaces_em_quad: "โ€",
  spaces_em_space: "โ€ƒ",
  spaces_en_quad: "โ€€",
  spaces_en_space: "โ€‚",
  spaces_figure_space: "โ€‡",
  spaces_four_per_em_space: "โ€…",
  spaces_hair_space: "โ€Š",
  spaces_punctuation_space: "โ€ˆ",
  spaces_six_per_em_space: "โ€†",
  spaces_thin_space: "โ€‰",
  spaces_three_per_em_space: "โ€„"

## Is it of any good?

Sure it is.


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