# Striped
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Library to interface with the Stripe Api. Most of the code is generated from the [Stripe OpenApi]( definitions.

Inspiration was drawn from [Stripity Stripe]( and [openapi](

## Installation

def deps do
    {:striped, "~> 0.1.0"}

## Usage

client = "sk_test_123")
{:ok, %Stripe.Customer{}} = Stripe.Customer.retrieve(client, "cus123")

{:ok, %Stripe.Customer{}} =
               Stripe.Customer.create(client, %{
                 description: "Test description"


For the exact parameters you can consult the Stripe docs.

### Errors
Stripe errors can be found in the `Stripe.ApiErrors` struct. 
Network errors etc. will be found in the error term.

{:error, %Stripe.ApiErrors{}} =
               Stripe.Customer.retrieve(client, "bogus")

## Telemetry
Stripe api calls made through this library emit Telemetry events. See the 
`Stripe.Telemetry` module for more information

### Api Version
`Striped` uses the OpenApi definitions to build itself, so it 
uses the latest Api Version. You can however override the 
version by passing the `:version` option to the client.

This SDK is generated for version: **__VERSION__**

See for breaking changes

### Limitations

  * File Uploads currently don't work. 
  * Connected Accounts are not supported yet.