# SubscriptionsTransportWS

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Implementation of the subscriptions-transport-ws graphql subscription protocol for Absinthe. Instead of using Absinthe subscriptions over Phoenix channels it exposes a websocket directly. This allows you to use
the Apollo and Urql Graphql clients without using a translation layer to Phoenix channels such as `@absinthe/socket`. 

Has been tested with Apollo iOS and Urql with subscriptions-transport-ws.

## Installation

If [available in Hex](, the package can be installed
by adding `subscriptions_transport_ws` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:subscriptions_transport_ws, "~> 1.0.0"}

## Usage

There are several steps to use this library. 

You need to have a working phoenix pubsub configured. Here is what the default looks like if you create a new phoenix project:
config :my_app, MyAppWeb.Endpoint,
  # ... other config
  pubsub_server: MyApp.PubSub
In your application supervisor add a line AFTER your existing endpoint supervision line:

  # other children ...
  MyAppWeb.Endpoint, # this line should already exist
  {Absinthe.Subscription, MyAppWeb.Endpoint}, # add this line
  # other children ...

Where MyAppWeb.Endpoint is the name of your application's phoenix endpoint.

Add a module in your app `lib/web/channels/absinthe_socket.ex`
defmodule AbsintheSocket do
  # App.GraphqlSchema is your graphql schema
  use SubscriptionsTransportWS.Socket, schema: App.GraphqlSchema, keep_alive: 1000

  # Callback similar to default Phoenix UserSocket
  @impl true
  def connect(params, socket) do
    {:ok, socket}

  # Callback to authenticate the user
  @impl true
  def gql_connection_init(message, socket) do
    {:ok, socket}

In your MyAppWeb.Endpoint module add:
  defmodule MyAppWeb.Endpoint do
    use Phoenix.Endpoint, otp_app: :my_app
    use Absinthe.Phoenix.Endpoint

    socket("/absinthe-ws", AbsintheSocket, websocket: [subprotocols: ["graphql-ws"]])
    # ...

Now if you start your app you can connect to the socket on `ws://localhost:4000/absinthe-ws/websocket`

## Example with Urql 
import { SubscriptionClient } from "subscriptions-transport-ws";
import {
} from "urql";

const subscriptionClient = new SubscriptionClient(
    reconnect: true,

const client = new Client({
  url: "http://localhost:4000/api",
  exchanges: [
      forwardSubscription(operation) {
        return subscriptionClient.request(operation);
See the [Urql documentation]( for more information.

## Example with Swift

See here

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