# (Tallarium) Credo

Custom Elixir rules for the [Credo]( static code analysis tool.

## Rules

The current rules are listed below:

* `TallariumCredo.Checks.DefinitionOrder` - functions should be ordered in a top-down fashion.
* `TallariumCredo.Checks.Destructure` - encourage a consistent use of [Destructure](
* `TallariumCredo.Checks.EctoOnlyMacroSyntax` - permit only the use of [the macro syntax]( from the [Ecto.Query]( module.
* `TallariumCredo.Checks.NoRuntimeAccess` - disallows runtime access to the specifid modules.
* `TallariumCredo.Checks.NoSpecParameterNames` - disallows the use of parameter names in the spec.

## Releases

1. Update the `:version` field in `mix.exs`
2. Commit, tag and push the change as a separate branch
3. Publish the package.