# TaskBunnySentry

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TaskBunny failure backend for Sentry. A port of [task_bunny_rollbar](

## Installation

def deps do
  [{:task_bunny_sentry, github: "Homepolish/task_bunny_sentry"}]

## Sample configuration

config :sentry,
  included_environments: ~w(development),
  environment_name: "development",
  enable_source_code_context: true,
  root_source_code_path: File.cwd!,
  tags: %{env: "development"}

config :task_bunny,
  failure_backend: [TaskBunnySentry]

Check [TaskBunny]( for
more configuration options.

## Gotcha

#### Report only when the job is rejected

You might not want to report the failures which are going to be retried.
You can do it by writing a thin wrapper in your application.

defmodule TaskBunnySentryWrapper do
  use TaskBunny.FailureBackend
  alias TaskBunny.JobError

  # reject = true means the job won't be retried.
  def report_job_error(error = %JobError{reject: true}),
    do: TaskBunnySentry.report_job_error(error)

  # otherwise ignore.
  def report_job_error(_), do: nil

Don't forget to set the wrapper module as your failure backend.

config :task_bunny, failure_backend: [TaskBunnySentryWrapper]

## Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2017, SQUARE ENIX LTD.

TaskBunnySentry code is licensed under the [MIT License](