# 🌲 Timber - Great Elixir Logging Made Easy

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[]( is a hosted service for aggregating logs across your entire stack -
[any language](,
[any platform](,
[any data source](

Unlike traditional logging tools, Timber integrates with language runtimes to automatically
capture in-app context, turning your text-based logs into rich structured events.
Timber integrates with Elixir through this library. And Timber's
[rich free-form query tools]( and
[real-time tailing](, make drilling down into
important stats easier than ever.


### Features

* Simple Integration. Installs as an Elixir logger backend.
* Fast & light-weight. Designed with performance in mind.
* Support for local and global context.
* Automatic context capturing.
* Strong structured logging support.
* Integrates with popular 3rd party libraries such as Phoenix and Plug.


### Get Started

* **[Installation](**
* **[Configuration](**
* **[Usage](**
* **[Guides](**
* **[Integrations](**
* **[Performance](**


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