# Tipalti

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[Tipalti]( integration library for Elixir.

This library includes:

* Payee and Payer SOAP API clients
* iFrame integration helpers
* IPN Router builder

> **NOTE**: Not all API functions have been implemented yet; this library is a work in progress.

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `tipalti` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:tipalti, "~> 0.8.0"}

## Configuration

There are 3 required configuration options for this library to work. See an example `config.exs` below:

use Mix.Config

config :tipalti,
  payer: "MyPayer",
  mode: :sandbox,
  master_key: "boguskey"

Documentation can be found at [](