Tzdata. The [timezone database]( in Elixir.

Extracted from the [Calendar]( library.

As of version 0.1.6 the tz release 2015e (from 2015-06-13 10:56:02 -0700)
is used. The tz release version can be verified with the following function:

iex> Tzdata.tzdata_version

## Getting started

Use through the [Calendar]( library
or directly: it is available on hex as `tzdata`.

defp deps do
  [  {:tzdata, "~> 0.1.7"},  ]

## Documentation

Documentation can be found at

## When new timezone data is released

IANA releases new versions of the [timezone database]( frequently. When that
happens, hopefully this library will be updated within 24 hours with the new
data and a new version of the tzdata Elixir package will be released.

As an alternative to getting a new version of tzdata, users of this library
can simply run the `` script and then recompile tzdata. Running
that script will update the data in the `source_data` directory. The files in the
`source_data` directory contains all the information about the timezones
and is used by the tzdata library at compile time.

## License

The tzdata Elixir library is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

The tz database files (found in the source_data directory) is public domain.