# Ueberauth Apple

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Ueberauth plugin for Apple OAuth / _Sign In with Apple_

## What is this?

[Ueberauth]( is an authentication framework for Elixir applications that specializes in [OAuth](
This library is one of many [plugins]( (called Strategies) that allow Ueberauth to integrate with different identity providers.
Specifically, this one implements an OAuth integration with Apple, for their _Sign In with Apple_ service.

## Important Notes

Apple's OAuth implementation is different than you may expect.
Please keep the following in mind:

* There are only two scopes available, `name` and `email`, for retrieving personal information about the user signing in.
  Neither scope provides access to any API endpoints; instead they change the data returned during the sign-in process.

* If any scopes are requested during sign-in, the response from Apple **must** be in the form of a form POST request to your application.
  Otherwise, a GET request with query parameters will occur.
  Accepting POST callbacks require additional setup with Ueberauth that may not be necessary for other providers.

* Because scoped requests must use a form POST request, any cookies that will be read during the callback phase **must** have `SameSite=None` (and, therefore, `Secure`).
  Otherwise the browser will block them from being sent along with the POST because it is not a top-level navigation.

* Apple requires a **Primary App ID** (with the _Sign In with Apple_ capability enabled), **Services ID**, and **Private Key** to be set up in their [Apple Developer Console]( before integration can occur.

* Apple OAuth Client Secrets are generated from a Private Key and have a maximum lifetime of six months.

* Users may choose not to share their information with your application, in which case an anonymized private relay email address will be supplied during the callback phase.

* Apple does not supply the user's name in callback responses after the first time.

## Quick Start

For detailed instructions, see [Getting Started](guides/

1. Set up a Services ID and download a Private Key in the [Apple Developer Console](
  See [Getting Started](guides/ or the [official documentation]( for more information

2. Add `:ueberauth_apple` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs` and run `mix deps.get`:

  def deps do
      # ...
      {:ueberauth, "~> 0.10"},
      {:ueberauth_apple, "~> 0.6.1"}

3. Add this library as a new provider for Ueberauth (see [Getting Started](guides/ for more information on the available options):

  config :ueberauth, Ueberauth,
    providers: [
      # Default configuration: does not retrieve name or email address during sign-in.
      apple: {Ueberauth.Strategy.Apple, []}

      # Alternative configuration: retrieve name and email during sign-in.
      apple: {Ueberauth.Strategy.Apple, callback_methods: ["POST"], default_scope: "name email"}

4. Configure the provider (see [Getting Started](guides/ for more information on generating client secrets):

  config :ueberauth, Ueberauth.Strategy.Apple.OAuth,
    client_id: System.get_env("APPLE_CLIENT_ID"),
    client_secret: {MyApp.Apple, :client_secret}

5. Create a Client Secret generator function.
  (Apple's Client Secrets are generated from a Private Key and have a maximum life of six months.)

6. Integrate Ueberauth with the rest of your application (usually: router and controller).
  See [Getting Started](guides/ or the [Ueberauth Example]( application.

## Usage

Making a request to `/auth/apple` will redirect to the Apple sign-in page with the relevant query parameters.
You can include a `scope` query param to configure the scopes at runtime: `/auth/apple?scope=name%20email`.
The default scopes can also be configured in the provider definition.

To guard against client-side request modification, it's important to still check the domain in `info.urls[:website]` within the `Ueberauth.Auth` struct if you want to limit sign-in to a specific domain.

## Acknowledgments

Thank you to [Loop Social]( for the original implementation of this library.

Thank you to [CodeSandbox]( for updates and maintenance of this library.

## License

Please see [LICENSE](LICENSE) for licensing details.