# Unidecode

An elixir implementation of [Text::Unidecode]( a perl module to transliterate Unicode characters to US-ASCII.

It doesn't change encoding, as every string in Elixir, all results still are UTF8/Unicode characters.
But are they are easy to convert to ASCII. Let's say you have the word `código` that is the portuguese word for code, and try to convert it to a charlist.
iex> to_charlist("código")
[99, 243, 100, 105, 103, 111]

Unicode is made to make this kind of operation give you better results.

iex> "código" |> Unidecode.decode |> to_charlist

This isn't the exact characters, but is readable and intelligible to anyone who speaks portuguese.

## Installation

Add unidecode to your depencies and to extra applications

def deps do
  [{:unidecode, "~> 0.0.2"}]

def application do
  [extra_applications: [:logger, :unidecode],
   mod: {YourApp.Application, []}]

## Contributing

As we all are used to:
 - fork
 - create a branch for your contribution
 - add your commits(I try to stick with this pattern [How to Write a Git Commit Message](
 - create a PR for your changes

#### Where are room for contributions?

We always want better documentation and, although this library has a small and concise documentation, anywhere you see that it can be improved it will be warmly welcomed.

You can also help to add csv translitaration tables. Those tables are in `priv/unicode_data/`.
Inside this folder will be a file with all unicode characters description called `UnicodeData.txt` and all the csv tables.
Those tables have a simple structure: `{unicode code};{ascii char representation};{code description}`.
I'm keeping the description so those csv files can be useful outside of this implementation context.
To ease the work of dealing with `UnicodeData.txt` and csv files, I created a simple `mix task` to filter data from `UnicodeData.txt` and create a csv file.

$ mix generate_csv filename=caucasian_albanian include=caucasian,albanian exclude=control,indicator,input

After running this task you will have a file `priv/unicode_data/caucasian_albanian.csv`.
All parameters are required, I strongly recommend to always use the exclude parameters as in this example.
Now you just have to work on the csv to map correctly the unicode code to the nearest ascii char representation.

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## [License](./LICENSE)
Unidecode is under Apache v2.0 license.