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# Unite

Pretty EUnit test formatters

<img src=""
 width="490" alt="Example output" />

## Installation & Usage

Add Unite as a dependency in your `rebar.config` and enable the Unite formatter:

{profiles, [
    {test, [
        {deps, [unite]},
        {eunit_opts, [no_tty, {report, {unite_compact, []}}]}


Using `no_tty` is important, because it disables the standard EUnit output.

Then just run Rebar 3 as usual: `rebar3 eunit`.

### Profiling

To get timings of long running tests, add `profile` to the option list:

{eunit_opts, [no_tty, {report, {unite_compact, [profile]}}]}.

This will show the top 10 slowest tests (or the top N slowest tests if
`{profile, N}` is used).

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